Thursday, November 17, 2016

The National Society of Leadership and Success

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is a leadership organization in which its main mission is to shape leaders and help college students accomplish their goals. The society offers many scholarships and chances for members of the society to gather and discuss their main goals in life. Most importantly, it provides multiple live broadcasts of popular, successful figures who give out motivational speeches to help guide college students through their journey to success. One of our Ambassadors, Yazan has become a member of this society and is excited to share its success.

On November 9th there was a broadcast given by Jesse Eisenberg. He started out his speech talking about his own life experiences, how he managed to cope with his failures, and how he chose the right path to take developing as an individual. A great remark given by Eisenberg, which he used to keep him on the path to success and pursue his goal and purpose, was his constant effort to try and accomplish his goal even though there were huge chances of him failing. As he said, “Doing something is much better than not doing it at all.” Implicitly what he intended to convey to the audience is that staying at home instead of accomplishing your goals is way worse than failure. Every individual must take a leap of faith in order to reach their ultimate goals. Also, according to him, thinking positively about failures and learning from them will open endless opportunities for any individual to take advantage of and accomplish them. 

So go out there and accomplish your goals!

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