Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome Back UMSL!

It's the first day of classes and we are so excited to have you here on the UMSL campus! Whether this is your first day of classes here ever or the start of your last year here with us, we're just so excited to see your happy face on campus. 

Today we, UMSL Ambassadors, wants to talk to you about our program and why you should consider applying! The UMSL Ambassadors is an award-winning volunteer organization of University of Missouri–St. Louis. The Ambassadors are current students whose primary purpose is to represent and promote a positive image of the university by assisting the Office of University Events throughout the year. We take applications from undergrad and graduate students. 

Being an UMSL Ambassador gives students like you the opportunity to interact with community and university leaders, while working with other UMSL students with similar goals. The experiences with the UMSL Ambassador program will allow them to cultivate their communication skills, leadership abilities, and professional skills for future career opportunities.

To learn more check out our website or come see us at Fall EXPO!