Thursday, October 20, 2016

Monthly Meetings: October Edition

At the UMSL Ambassador monthly meetings, Ambassadors discuss important topics that are relevant to our future professional careers. One of our favorite meetings we have held thus far was our October meeting focusing on interviewing. It was a very exciting and informative workshop. 

The three topics we worked on were: proper interview/work attire, interview questions, and writing thank you cards to interviewers. Each topic was attached to an activity station lead by the Lead or Lead in Training Ambassadors.

From the attire discussion, we learned that there is such diversity in the work force that sometimes you don’t realize how many options you have to choose from. We learned that bright colors are fun and acceptable in the office and jeans should never be worn unless given specific approval have been given. 

The session on interview questions was very helpful because the questions forced us to think of creative, but genuine answers that would engage future employers. We were also able to review one another’s answers and help guide their answer to something appropriate yet honest to their own experiences.

The most intriguing of sessions was the thank you card station. We learned, one: how to write strong letters, and two: the fact that they make interviewees stand out, since they are more uncommon nowadays.

Monthly Meetings are very exciting and beneficial, and we cannot wait to attend the next one!

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