Monday, October 3, 2016

Founders Dinner

UMSL’s core values represent the deepest beliefs and highest aspirations of our school and our mission. Every day students strive to ensure that these values inspire our actions and influence all of our decisions. September 22nd was the annual Founders Dinner,  which is a night to celebrate and honor the members of the UMSL community: Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Donors. This is a recognition of their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the values UMSL aims to uphold. This UMSL community serves as the guide, consistently empowering students to stay true to ourselves through changing times as they work on keeping students in school and on track towards graduation. This evening was a wonderful opportunity for us, the UMSL Ambassadors, to show our appreciation by assisting the UMSL community throughout the night of the Founders Dinner. The Ambassadors were able to uphold UMSL’s core values and keep a smile on the faces of all the guests by fulfilling our role with great spirit!

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