Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Office of Multicultural Student Services

The Office of Multicultural Student Services (located in 107 Lucas Hall) is an awesome resource to ensure student success. Services offered here include: tutoring, mentoring, developing time management skills, tips on interviewing successfully and much more. Tutoring is available to students at no cost and they will form study groups if desired. For those interested, all you need to do is submit a tutor request form at the office and a tutor will contact you to make meeting arrangements. Time management skills are a necessity for college students, and the mentors at the office can work with you to create an effective schedule to help organize your tasks, both personal and academic. Last but not least, the office provide students with interview tips. Since many UMSL students plan on applying for a job or to graduate school it is a great idea to stop by the office and practice interviewing. Along with the mentors helpful tips, when you have a real interview you will be confident in your own abilities. Next time you need assistance with tutoring, mentoring or even interviewing, the Office of Multicultural Student Services is there to help you succeed!

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