Friday, March 4, 2016

Health, Wellness & Counseling Services

The benefits of being an UMSL student are numerous, some benefits include those from Health, Wellness & Counseling Services (located in 131 MSC.) Many of their services are included in student tuition! The foundation of their services is geared toward holistic health, rather than strictly the physical health students. Health services administer blood pressure tests, flu shots, general testing and screening, women-specific exams and much more. Wellness resource services are primarily for educating students on variety of health related topics. Counseling services provide a confidential and comfortable environment for therapy. This department is there to help each student and their wellbeing. There is nothing too small or too big they are willing to help students get through. If you have a concern or simply want to have a checkup, Health, Wellness & Counseling Services is the place to go.


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