Friday, October 9, 2015

Center for Character and Citizenship 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

On Tuesday September 29th, I went to the Touhill- Grand Terrace Lobby for the first time. I’ve always wondered what that building was and on that day, I finally found out. This event was very interesting. It celebrated the 10 Year anniversary for the Center for Character and Citizenship which was established in 2005. The goal of the organizations is focusing on character and citizenship growth in youth. Their mission is “To engage in research, education, and advocacy that will foster the development of character, democratic citizenship and civil society.” Sounds very important to me.

During this event, the ambassadors did the jobs of a typical ambassador and greeted the people that came and led them to the location of the event. Later in the evening, we were able to join the celebration and congratulate the prize-winning candidates and try the delicious food. The highlight of the evening was when it started pouring rain outside! Fortunately, the rain settled down by the time the event was over and it was time to leave. I had a great time at this event. I am looking forward to more!

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