Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Founder's Dinner

As I stood in front of the door leading from the Ritz-Carlton’s parking garage, my hands were shaking and filled with sweat. I look over at Michelle, the lead ambassador, and saw how naturally she was greeting the many guests as they were arriving. After about thirty minutes of just nodding and waving my hands as the guests entered, I took a deep breath and began to greet them with my voice.

As a member of University Ambassadors, you will be placed in many different environments that are new to you. One of the many events that might be a complete shock, as a student, is Founders Dinner. Founders Dinner is an event that celebrates the UMSL"Family" - acknowledging 25-year faculty and staff members, Chancellor's Award for Excellence recipients, Distinguished Alumni Awardees, and Auguste Chouteau Society and Pierre Laclede Society donors. To put that in layman’s term, you are at an event with some very important people who have contributed a lot to the university.

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