Monday, April 17, 2017

UMSL takes on Spring

This last week some of our ambassadors attended UMSL events celebrating springtime!

There were three egg hunts on campus. The first egg hunt was hosted by the University Program Board outside of Oak Hall. UPB hosts this annual hunt every year in the evenings to make the egg hunt more challenging. This year egg hunt was alien themed and 15 prizes were awarded to students. The eggs for big prizes are hidden in more difficult to find place than smaller prize eggs.

The second egg hunt was hosted by Residential Life and Housing and was a program put on by some of the Residential Advisors at Oak Hall. This egg hunt was like a scavenger hunt with big prizes, such as movie baskets.

The last egg hunt was a program at Mansion Hill. It was combined with Tiny Tritons since many of the UMSL students that live in that building are also parents.

And the final spring program was the Residential Housing Association Backyard BBQ at Oak Hall. There were games, raffles, photo booths, food, and tons of prizes. If you missed out on any of these events, be sure to check out the Get Crunk event with PLHCSA on Thursday, April 20th at 8pm in the Villa Courtyard.

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