Monday, February 27, 2017

An Interview on The UMSL Emerging Leaders Program

One of our ambassadors recently interviewed a fellow ambassador, Awa Konte, concerning the Emerging Leaders Program here at UMSL and her role as a leader within the program. 

Q: What is Emerging Leaders?
A: Emerging Leaders is a leadership program for young leaders who are developing or starting to create there own skills. 

Q: How did you become a mentor in Emerging Leaders?
A: At first I wasn't involved at UMSL and personally didn't see myself as a leader. But then I joined Emerging Leaders and from that program I learned that being a leader didn't mean fitting into some stereotypical mold.I saw that I could be a leader and within the program I learned to become one.
After Emerging Leaders I joined the next sequential program called Advanced Leaders. When that had finished Jenna and Aaron, the leaders of these programs, asked me if I would be interested in mentoring those joining the Emerging Leaders Program and I jumped on the chance. 

Q: What do you enjoy about being a mentor?
A: I enjoy relating to my mentees and helping them grow within the time given.

Q:What did you learn from being a mentor?
A: I learned to stop being anxious about talking to people that aren't like me. In other words I learned how to relate better to others. 

Q: What are your responsibilities as a Emerging Leader mentor?
A: You have to meet three times within the semester one on one with your mentees. I personally go to all the meetings that my mentees attend though you aren't required to do this. I also make sure that my mentees are held accountable and staying on top of their work within the program. 

Q: What have you gotten out of the Emerging Leaders program?
A: I have gained relationships and genuine connections because of this program.

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