Monday, December 12, 2016

End of the Fall Semester Gathering

On Friday December 2nd the UMSL Ambassadors celebrated the conclusion of a long hard-worked semester. All ambassadors were invited to share a meal and festivities. 

One Lead Ambassador lead a round of two truths and a lie, a game in which you list 2 truths, and 1 lie about yourself. We learned that most of the ambassadors are terrible liars, and gave themselves away instantly. Others were slightly more mischievous and the group couldn’t decipher their fibs from the truths. There was plenty of laughter, and many moments of surprise. 

After we began to play a game called heads up made famous by the Ellen show. We passed around an iPhone around the circle of ambassadors and when the phone came to you, you held it to your forehead and the screen would show the rest of the team a word or phrase that they would have to act out or give clues for you to guess. The categories included songs, movies, famous people, animals, and acting out. The time passed quickly, and the laughter was contagious. 

With a fun gathering we celebrated, and discussed the semester, shared our tasks for the upcoming exams, and praised our outgoing seniors who will be greatly missed. What a tremendous finish to a demanding yet well completed semester. 

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