Monday, September 12, 2016

UMSL Ambassador Fall Orientation

We’ve done it! We’ve got our new Ambassadors for the 2016 Fall semester. 

We had a great Fall orientation with our new team and are so excited to share some photos from our first orientation with you all.
One of the first things on the agenda for New Ambassadors was to meet their fellow Ambassadors. With the assistance of some sweets, we all got to know each other better by answering random questions about ourselves. We found that many of our fellow Ambassadors did some recent traveling! From visiting friends in Idaho, to visiting Germany for study abroad, our Ambassadors have been all over. Other common hobbies included trying delicious food at new locations and reading interesting books.

Although we did have a lot of fun at this year’s orientation, we also did a bit of training! To prepare ourselves for an intense game of UMSL Ambassador Jeopardy, we reviewed the membership packet in our new committees. Our membership packet reviews our many responsibilities as well as tips for being an Ambassador.

Overall, the orientation was a great success that was both fun as well as educational. We can’t wait for the year ahead as our team becomes the face of the university, providing assistance at major events on campus! The university has placed their trust in us to represent the school in a positive manner. And we plan to do just that!

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